A Copenhagen Birthday

Copenhagen is a wonderful place to spend your 21st birthday. It made for a great hangover fix as well because traveling wore me down to the core and I ended up favoring sleep over a forgettable night out. On another note, I never would have imagined getting to spend my day in such style with three incredible friends that I have only known for merely two months. I completely lucked out by introducing myself to these people during my first week here. Little did I know how many incredible surprises these people had in store for me!

Back to the topic of my “Coolest Kid on the Nordic Block” holiday: While I’m still a bit miffed that I had to born during the Christmas transitional period (Watching workers set up the Christmas markets and witnessing the lights to the holiday amusement park that was anticipating its launch in Tivoli Gardens was such a tease!). We can’t complain too much because joy was certainly felt walking below wreaths adorned with bows in Nyhavn while marveling at rows of stands that sold everything from waffle lollipops to handknit sweaters was unprecedented. You can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit here.  Copenhagen’s two stand-outs were the friendly folks we interacted with and the amazing color ranges shown throughout its architecture. I will be shocked to hear anyone say that they visited the Nyhavn area without doing a little dance at the sight of the boats and row houses. What an absolute fairy tale.


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