Clogs & “Coffee” Shops

My trip to Amsterdam started with a stressful ride to the airport, questioning why bloggers are so gung-ho about solo travel, and wondering whether or not close companionship would be missed in the process of creating new experiences for myself. Only a few days into my solo traveling week on holiday, I’m embracing this situation as a time to learn how to be a less stressed out person and run with the flexibility of making my own itinerary.

Vondelpark was simply the most endearing display of human interaction. Balls being thrown, dogs roaming around who reunite with their owners one mile later, couples biking – witnessing this type of interaction often gets lost once the cicadas come out in the end of summer. Other Amsterdam stand outs included visits to the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House (a bit overhyped given all the restoration), cheese tasting at Reypenaer Proeflokaal, and walking along the canals. I was lucky to meet up with a friend for two days who happened to be here for a film festival and we had a blast trying out new foods and looking at all of the shops offered. I didn’t make it out to the Red Light District because I was unsure about going alone, but I can imagine I would have a difficult time witnessing so many women be ridiculed.

Two rookie mistakes made: asking someone for a coffeeshop when on the hunt for hot chocolate (and not the kind that induces your livelihood) and almost having my toes run over by a bike.

Bikes are a kind of thing here.


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