Sketch was a “must see” for me after finding this venue on Pinterest a few years back. My friend Allison, who also happens to be studying at my home university and lover of all things luxurious, jumped at my invitation to go to Afternoon Tea here and it was marvelous. There are some experiences that are better portrayed in photos, but I can assure you – if you have the chance, it is so worth it. The atmosphere you pay for rivals all other afternoon tea spots by a mile, in my opinion. We couldn’t stop smiling the entire time because it was just so darn cute. Come hungry because while the portions are small, they replenish your tray by request and are willing to bring as much as you want within the two-hour period you have. You also have the option to order as many teas as you’d like; I just stuck to fruit flavors, as my palette is not adventurous enough to acquire a liking towards bitter flavors.

The bathrooms are also a noteworthy feature.  Each individual toilet is located inside what looks like a personal “Eve” from the movie, wall-E – in order words, a tall, oval, spacecraft for you to do your business and enjoy jazz music. Be warned, it’s dark and you’ll want to laugh the whole time. The poor cleaning ladies seemed to have their duties delayed (not meant a bathroom joke, I promise ha) by all the selfie-taking (I’m also guilty).

The bottom line? David Shrigley is a design genius.


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